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Ever viewed an ad, an email, or a website and thought

“Wow, I've gotta have that.

How’d they get me to need that?”

That’s the magic

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helps you create.

Hello! I'm Rebecca Fields, Founder of More Marketing.

I absolutely love creating marketing programs that inspire deep-rooted brand relationships and drive unprecedented results. 

In fact, I'm so obsessed with getting you the results you dream of, that I price all of my programs on deliverables and expected results, not hours. That means you know what you will get before we start a partnership, and I don't consider a project done until we've surpassed our goals.

My passion for marketing started decades ago, long before the Masters Degree in Marketing and Advertising Communications, or even the under-grad in Marketing. I was always intrigued by the randomness of purchasing decisions people make. Why would someone pay twice as much for a certain brand, when other products are so similar and often cost so much less? Why would someone NOT buy a product that obviously works better and costs less?

My curiosity turned into fascination. The fascination led to a career full of marketing different types of things to different levels of people. A lot of B2B, some B2C - but always business to human. What did I learn? People buy from people because of people. And, people make irrational decisions EVERY DAY.

If you tell the right people the right things in the right places - they'll buy from you. Regardless of your price. Even if you're not quite as great. Even if your brand is basking in mediocrity. Will they buy from you forever? Maybe, maybe not - but if you're good at building a relationship the chances are high they'll give you a shot. 

This simplistic take on buying behavior, and years of helping a range of companies from the Fortune 500 to brand new start-ups led to the philosophy behind More Marketing. 

I love the challenge to create “I’ve Gotta Have That” moments for your customers through unexpectedly affordable websites and remarkably unique marketing programs designed to create more traffic, more leads, and more revenue. 

But "more" is more than just more.

More is a philosophy in itself. I started More Marketing to make more time for my family, while enjoying more of what I do, and I just knew clients deserve more than they typically get from most marketing agencies. 

More Marketing is a small relationship based marketing agency - working to help you create the best relationship with your clients! 

Look forward to meeting you soon, mahalo!

Rebecca Fields


the story behind the marketing company

bringing you more 

Some of the work                                         has done.

more Marketing Logo Blue & Yellow_edited
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